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AI & Telepresence Partners

Institute for Software Research
of the Carnegie Mellon University (ISR-CMU)
Software Engineering Institute
of the Carnegie Mellon University (SEI-CMU)

Supplying partners


Our friends at Robotev are frequently supplying us with high quality parts for our projects. Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, they'll make sure to ship your orders anywhere in Bulgaria.

At Robotev you will find a wide range of microcontrollers, sensors, various components, breadboards, instruments - everything.

You can also order from Robotev our esI,tank robo-kit! We made sure that if you fall in love with the esI,tank, you'll have a place to buy it as a kit. Call them and ask about the esI,tank of esIrobot!

Academic partners

During the course of our activities we got the chance to work together with some great, innovative schools. You should definitely check them out!

125 High School "Boyan Penev"
"Svetlina" Private Schools
Natural Sciences and Mathematics High School "Professor Emanuil Ivanov", Kyustendil
137 High School "Angel Kanchev"
23 High School "Frédéric Joliot-Curie"
Technological School "Electronic Systems"

ER4STEM - Educational Robotics for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics project partners

Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)
University of Athens Educational Technology Lab (UoA)
AcrossLimits (Malta)
Cardiff University School of Social Sciences (Cardiff University)
Certicon (CE)